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Ernest Casburn B.Sc, A.M.I.Chem.E

Sea Nymph (Galway Bay Marine) Ltd.

Established in January 2000 by Philip and David Casburn. The Casburn family have a long history of being involved in the Seaweed Industry. Philip first got involved in 1970 after his father Ernest Casburn a Chemist by profession pioneered the Irish industry in 1948, building up a very successful business in Galway under the trade name of Seaweed Ltd, which was established in 1954.

In The year 2000...

Sea Nymph (Galway Bay Marine) Ltd started with a small number of Seaweed Liquid Formulations and one Granular type Seaweed Meal. We can now offer our customers over 20 different Liquid Formulations, four different grades of Granular Seaweed Meals, Wetting Agents, Spray Indicator Dyes, Non Seaweed Foliar Feeds and a new Marine Organic Compost designed as a Nematode and Fungal Suppressant.

Our ranges of products are...

Suitable for Golf Courses, Football Pitches, Race Tracks, Tennis Courts and Organic Farmers. We are proud of the fact that The K Club in County Kildare used our "SEAGRASS" Liquid Seaweed Feed on the greens of the competition course in the run up and immediately preceding the Ryder Cup 2006..

Since 1988...

The brand name "SEA NYMPH", which was the brainchild of Philip & Marie Casburn, has been at the front of all marketing drives. Sea Nymph Products are currently being used throughout Ireland, Germany and some parts of the UK, and our aim is to expand throughout the European market by working closely with our distributors and end user.

The Future.

Our excellent back-up team in the guise of Chemists, Product Development and Marketing are constantly on hand to support and develop new products. "Sea Nymph" has arrived in the 21st Century ready and willing to assist the Amenity Segment, by making sure our products show the results to make your management easier..

Seaweeds have a long tradition of use as a plant nutrient and the level of use has grown steadily over the past 50 years. The proof of this can be seen in the number of different products now on the market. The variety of what is on offer can be confusing and marketing claims from some suppliers only adds to this confusion. Sea Nymph has developed its range of seaweed products over the past ten years and, as a company that specialises in seaweed products, has put considerable effort, thought and research into the creation of its products.