These products are specifically designed for use on all amenity and sports field grassed areas. Fertilisers not only assist with the establishment of new-grassed areas, but also help towards the maintenance and upkeep of established amenity turf.

Whether it is laying turf, planting trees, reseeding, maintaining gardens or major groundwork it is important to have the right product to do the job. If you can’t see the product you require on the products listed, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Sea Nymph's fertiliser/nutritional products can be applied to benefit any type of market, such as vineyards, nursery crops, cereal crops, root vegetables and soft fruit.


All SEA-NYMPH Seaweed products have many benefits

  • Sea-Nymph seaweed is totally organic and up to 50% of it's composition is humous-forming material.
  • Seaweed contains over fifty-eight trace elements and minerals required by plants and grasses.
  • Regular use of seaweed increases resistance to disease and stress.
  • Seaweed stimulates the soil bacteria, which converts nitrogen into nitrates and releases phosphates fixed in the soil.
  • In heavy soil, alginates in seaweed improve the structure of the soil.
  • Seaweed provides cytokinins and auxins, which encourage cell division and aid in the transport of nutrients.
  • Seaweed stimulates soil bacteria to convert organic material into nutrients.
  • Seaweed promotes the growth and improvement of fruit quality.
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