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Sea Nymph has developed its range of seaweed products over the past ten years and, as a company that specialises in seaweed products, has put considerable effort, thought and research into their creation.



Liquid Product Range




Application Rates


Liquid Seaweed (+ Humic)

9% Liquid Seaweed extract, this can be used all year round to encourage root systems and help against disease by re-building to soil microbe counts to favour benificial bacteria. Encourages root growth and helps the plant through stressful times.


40 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Super Concentrate

A 30% liquid seaweed extract that is the most concentrated seaweed available. For all year round use and can be tank mixed with any products. rebuilds the natural suppression status of depleted soils and encourages strong root systems through plant metabolic and microbial activity. Ideal in stressful conditions.


10-20 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Chelated Fe

6%Fe, 6%Fe+4%N, Sea Nymph Competition (6%Fe 2.5-0-7) and 10% Fe all with added seaweed, are all Chelated Fe products. Can be used all year round and designed to give good colour, help against disease and to tickle the plant along without extended growth. Chelating agents ensure leaf absorption and extended in soil availability. Does not blacken the sward.


40 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Seagrasses

Seagrass (4%Fe 2.5-0-6+1%Mg) Plus (4%Fe 4.5N-0-6.5k4%S+1%Mg) Super (5%Fe 5.7%N-0-10k+2.8%Mg) Seagrass products all with seaweed have valuable concentrations of organic acids to give balanced growth and colour.


40 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph NPK

12-1-8+2%Fe, 12%N+2%Fe and 14-0-7. Lifts growth from early season dormancy. Optimise nutrient balance for mid-season short mowing. Sea Nymph NPK give a good balanced feed without the soft growth. Can be tank mixed and does not scorch. Does not require irrigation after application. All NPK are mixed with seaweed.


40 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Turf Strengtheners

0-0-20+5%Mg, 2-0-18 and Magnesium + Manganese, all mixed with seaweeds. for turf strengthening ahead and during winter months. These products are designed to harden grass and shutdown growth by filling cells and increasing cell wall density.


20-40 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Fairways/Tees Liquid

10%Fe+9%N with seaweed promotes healthy growth of the sward and provides quick re-establishment after streesful conditions. Can be used with PGRS to give good colour to the sward.


20-30 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Green Speed

Silicate (SIO2) 3-0-10+1%Mg+ seaweed is designed to stand lateral grass to increase green speed. It also stiffens the grass to improve the quality of the putt. Only to be used in the summer months.


10-20 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Slow Release

18-0-0+3.5%Fe seaweed for heightened colour and extended growth. ideal in combination with a granular based feed. 6 - 8 week in-plant metabolic release phase. Sea Nymph Slow Release works by breaking out the ureic molecule to release the immediate uptake nitrate portion and binding the rest of the ureic molecule with added constituents to form slow release N molecules.


30-40 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Trident Dye

A spray marker containing a temporary spray drift colourant, spray drift controller and water conditioners for use with herbicides, fungicides, worm killers, insecticides, grass growth retardents, wetting agents and liquid fertilisers.


1-2.5 Per 1000lts water

Sea Nymph Wetting Agent

Sea Nymph Wet is a completely organic wetting agent with no risk of scorch. Sea Nymph Wet will reduce surface tension thus aiding water perculation into the soil. Can be applied in any weather and requires low water volumes. can be tank mixed with other products.


20 Lts/Ha

Sea Nymph Super Greenup

Super Greenup is 10% liquid chelated iron (Fe). There is no added seaweed and is designed to give strong colour and to harden up the plant against disease. Super Greenup can be container mixed with any other products. Can be used on Greens, Tees, Fairways and Pitches.


20-30 Lts/Ha




Granular Product Range





Application Rate


Sea Nymph Seaweed Meal

Seaweed Meal is a totally natural product with 50% of its composition humus-forming. Stimulates soil bacteria helping to convert unavailbale nitrogen into available nitrates. Contains over 60 trace elements and Algenates, assists in improving soil structure. Increases resistence to disease and stress.


25kgs per 500sq/m

Sea Nymph Organic Marine Compost

OMC is made from crab and prawn shell mixed with bark mulch composed for 3 years. The crustacean shells contain between 15%-25% Chitin which is a natural suppressant against Pathogens. The Chitinase attacks the Pathogens that causes fungal disease this erradicating the problem of Fusarium before it begins. It is best applied after hollowcoring on the top two inches of the root zone where the Pathogens breed.


50kgs per 500m/sq