These products are specifically designed for use on all amenity and sports field grassed areas. Fertilisers not only assist with the establishment of new-grassed areas, but also help towards the maintenance and upkeep of established amenity turf.

Whether it is laying turf, planting trees, reseeding, maintaining gardens or major groundwork it is important to have the right product to do the job. If you can't see the product you require on the products listed, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Sea Nymph's fertiliser/nutritional products can be applied to benefit any type of market, such as vineyards, nursery crops, cereal crops, root vegetables and soft fruit.



General Information:

All SEA-NYMPH Liquids can be packaged in 20, 200 or 1000lt containers. We can also offer recyclable packaging for bulk orders.



SEA-NYMPH Seaweed Extracts

For more than sixty years the Casburn family have been supplying seaweed products to the Irish market. Since the launch of the Sea Nymph brand in 1988 more than 1,000,000 litres of extract has been carefully manufactured and supplied to customers in the amenity market in Ireland, UK and the Continent. Customers ranging from local football clubs to world renowned golf courses have repeatedly used Sea Nymph products to produce a healthy turf for their members to enjoy.

Three generations of the family have nurtured and developed the business to make it Irelands leading supplier of quality seaweed extracts for turf care. The same care and attention to detail that was instilled by Ernest Casburn when he began his odyssey with seaweed not long after the second world war is still evident today.

The manufacturing process begins with hand harvested Ascophyllum nodosum, a seaweed species exclusive to the North Atlantic Ocean. Hand harvesting ensures excellent re-growth and minimal disruption to the natural habitat in which it grows.

Washed to remove any loose sand or shells the Ascophyllum is chopped and put into a large stainless steel vat where the extraction process begins. The objective of the extraction process is to break down the cell structure and release the myriad of nutrients bound up in the plant. Minerals, vitamins and amino acids together with saccharides (sugar molecules) are released into the water with the aid of a potassium salt.

Once the extraction phase is complete the product is passed through several filtration phases until the product contains no insoluble particles. Insoluble particles must be removed to ensure the end product will not block spray filters during application and the final cold filtered phase is carried out as the last step prior to bottling the end product.

The base extract is mixed with additional NPK and complexed minerals to tailor the range to specific needs throughout the year. Complexing of the minerals helps ensure they work for longer when applied as the complexing acts as a slow releasing agent giving longer performance to the minerals.



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